Charming lady’s boom is a game that comes from novomatic provider. A new game that is still hot and will be ready to appear with an exciting and interesting game display. This charming lady’s boom game is almost the same as the classic game of charming lady’s cash game. same type of game but slightly different from charming lady’s boom.

Charming lady’s boom is a type of game that can be played with real money bets but does not give prizes to the players. A game that relies on hockey alone. If you are lucky you will get some high winning values. As for the charming lady’s cash game itself, it will win through 4 progressive jackpots and spin locks.

Game theme with game steps

Mirknig – The same type of game but different ways to get the win. The charming lady’s boom game will give you a big win if you manage to get a big jackpot star in every round of the game. A game that has a female theme carrying a crystal ball with an uplifting song sound so gamers can enjoy exciting game play.

To play the charming lady’s boom game, gamers can choose 2 steps of the game. For the first step you can play manually and for the second step you can play by pressing auto play. When starting the game, a beautiful woman will appear carrying a crystal ball. Which in the crystal ball there is a game that appears in the ball.

beautiful crystal balls //boom

Victory that can be achieved in playing the game

The type of game that has 5 reels with 3 rows of game rotation. There are also winning games that can be obtained with 10 ways to get game wins. To start playing the game, gamers will get several different game symbols. To find out the value of each symbol, you can press game info.

Game info will tell you the value of each symbol and also the number of symbols that can provide a winning value. In the info, gamers will also find the steps and directions for winning the game that can be used or read the game path. Charming lady’s boom will also provide a key value for game victory.

Combination win value with auto spin game

If gamers want to play without having to press spin or start, they can press auto game. Auto games are automatic games that make the game play move by itself so gamers don’t have to press buttons. With the auto game provides a lot of convenience in playing the game.

The value of the combination win can also be obtained by using the auto game. Game symbols that can be found in the game such as: photos of beautiful women, beetles, gold coins, long crytal pendants, horseshoe, clover leaves, bonus boom, and remy card symbols from As, K, Q, J, and number 10, and 9. If you get 2 Long pendants with 1 photo of a beautiful woman, gamers will get 2 times the value in every game rotation.

Spin lock that activates game boom

The same 6 bonus boom symbols will get a boom boom. Exploding the boom will activate the game spin lock. The game is locked, a number of photos of women will appear with a game symbol crystal ball that expands to get the game winning value. As long as the female symbol carrying the ball expands the gamer will also get the game jackpot.

There will be 4 game jackpots that can be achieved such as mini, minor, major, and grand. By getting 3 jackpot stars there will be a photo of a beautiful woman that appears to fill the screen. And will get a big win in the game.